• Visual Sound V2 Route 66 Compressor

Visual Sound V2 Route 66 Compressor

Brand:Visual Sound
Product Code:Visual Sound V2 Route 66 Comp
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Revved up overdrive and compression with lots of options.

The Visual Sound Route 66 multi-effects pedal gives you the great tone guitarists have come to love, plus an added noise reduction system that gives you that quiet ride you've always wanted. Classic compression combined with classic overdrive--these two effects sound great on their own, but combine them, as the Route 66 pedal has, and get the ultimate combination in a single pedal pedal.

The V2 Route 66 pedal features redesigned noise reduction on the compressor channel, and additional low-drive range on the overdrive channel. The great-sounding overdrive channel is modeled after the sound of the original Tube Screamer, but it also has a bass boost switch. The compressor can be set for classic squash or clean boost with the unique preamp stage and gain knob. This allows for a truckload of clean gain. The compressor even has its own tone control. The 2 effects can be used independently or combined to complement one another.In 1999, Visual Sound made the statement "Our Route 66 is sure to become as legendary as its namesake." With countless great guitarists using it ever since, the Route 66 pedal from Visual Sound has become just that, a legend!

The V2RT66 Overdrive and Compression Guitar Multi Effects Pedal features a diecast aluminum housing, ultra-reliable 10 million cycle switching, easy battery access and circuit protection from AC adapters. Wide and sturdy stomp switches designed by Bob Weil himself. And a redesigned, noise-free experience. This version of the Route 66 pedal has raised the bar for years to come.


Use effects separately or together
Overdrive controls:Drive level
Tone level
Volume level
Bass boost on/off switch
Compression controls:Comp (compression) level
Tone control
Gain level
Tone control on/off switch
Diecast aluminum housing
10 million cycle switching
Easy battery access

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