• Visual Sound V2 Open Road

Visual Sound V2 Open Road

Brand:Visual Sound
Product Code:Visual Sound V2 Open Road
  • RM689.00


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Fat, grinding tone & a less dominant midrange.

If you're looking for an open-sounding, amp-like overdrive with less dominant midrange, the V2 Open Road guitar pedal from Visual Sound is perfect for you. Finally, here's an overdrive pedal that delivers grind and girth. The Open Road has clear low end, sparkling highs, and none of the midrange hump found in most other boxes. Play a 6-string chord and all the notes ring through. Play a single note line and it sizzles, punch a power chord and it grinds.The Open Road effects pedal features a very interactive tone circuit, effecting not only high-end roll-off, but gain structure as well. At any setting, at any volume, the V2 Open Road produces organic amp-like tones that might cause you to leave it on all the time.


Fat, grinding tone
Less dominant midrange
Organic amp-like tone

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