• Visual Sound Garage Tone Drivetrain

Visual Sound Garage Tone Drivetrain

Brand:Visual Sound
Product Code:Visual Sound Garage Tone Drivetrain
  • RM296.80


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Personalize your sound with big boost, straight up, steel string, power drive, and a limitless range of other customizable tone settings.

Visual Sound has repackaged and updated the Drivetrain II Overdrive to join their GarageTone guitar pedals at a price that any working musician can easily afford. Originally designed by Bob Weil in cooperation with Joe Naylor for Reverend Guitars back in 2000, the Reverend Drivetrain has become somewhat of a legend. With separate Bass and Treble controls, the GarageTone Drivetrain is one of the best sounding and most versatile overdrive pedals around.


Drive knob
Treble knob
Bass knob
Volume knob

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