• Truetone V3 Route 66

Truetone V3 Route 66

Brand:Visual Sound
Product Code:Truetone V3 Route 66
  • RM1,139.00

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Compression, Overdrive, and Near-infinite Flexibility

Plug your electric guitar into the Truetone Route 66 pedal for smooth compression and wide-ranging overdrive based on the classic TS-808 Tubescreamer - and it sounds equally epic on bass guitar as well. Switch on the compressor for near-endless sustain, kick on the overdrive for a smooth and crisp sound, or use them both for larger than life tone. Individual inputs and outputs for the compressor and overdrive sections give you incredible pedalboard flexibility. 

This 3rd-generation Route 66 is better than ever

This is the third generation of the esteemed Route 66, and we think it's the best yet. Notable additions include silent true bypass switching, keeping your tone intact without pops or clicks when you switch. You can now blend in your clean tone with the compressor and overdrive sections independently. And you can now connect your other effects pedals between the compressor and overdrive sections thanks to independent inputs and outputs. The list goes on, but the thing to know is that this Route 66 is the best one yet.

Truetone Route 66 Compressor/Overdrive Pedal Features:

Third-generation compressor/overdrive pedal for guitar and bass
Combines two acclaimed Truetone pedals, the Comp 66 and Route 808
Add your own pedals in-between the comp and overdrive sections with the separate inputs/outputs
Blend in your clean tone with the compressed/overdriven tone for more bite and definition
Heavy-duty design is ready for your toughest gigs

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