• Truetone V3 H2O

Truetone V3 H2O

Brand:Visual Sound
Product Code:Truetone V3 H2O Chorus/Echo
  • RM1,139.00

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Killer Chorus/Vibrato/Delay Pedal

The Truetone V3 Series H2O is a killer redesign of one of the best-sounding chorus/delay pedals ever made. H2O delivers all the classic tones, plus an entirely new universe of sonic possibilities. The chassis and footswitches have been updated to make the V3 H2O more roadworthy and pedal board compatible. Controls for chorus/vibrato and tone, along with detune switches give you tremendous versatility. The echo shimmers in gorgeous liquid warmth, and now has the ability to go into controlled oscillation. Take it from Sweetwater, the V3 H2O sounds amazing, and definitely belongs on your pedalboard.

Truetone V3 H2O Features at a Glance:

Analog tone, hybrid Echo channelExtremely versatile fully analog Stereo Chorus capable of true pitch vibrato
Light, lush, Leslie, or pulsating out-of-this-world effects
Pure Tone buffer on/off and separate Input and Output for each channel
Change order of effects, patch in a loop, or use a switching system
Reliable and silent True Bypass switching
Custom-designed Forever Footswitch rated for ten million hits

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