• Truetone Time Bandit

Truetone Time Bandit

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Set Your Tap Tempo Precisely

In the studio, the Visual Sound Time Bandit makes using time-based effects processors a piece of cake. That's because the Time Bandit is made to convert an incoming click track signal into a tap tempo signal that you can plug directly into your time-based effects like delays, tremolos, and more. Just connect a click track to the Time Bandit, then connect the output to your processor's Tap Tempo input, and you're ready to go. If you're playing or recording to a click track, make your effect follow tempo automatically with the Visual Sound Time Bandit.

Visual Sound Time Bandit Features:

Click track to tap tempo converter, to control time-based effects processors and pedals
1/4" input for click track signal1/4" output to connect to effect's Tap Tempo input
Built-in BPM generator can send precise tempo without a click track input
Ideal for making effects follow tempo changes automatically


Height 4.25"
Width 2.5"
Manufacturer Part Number VSTB

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