• December 2011
  • Sungha Jung LIVE in Kuala Lumpur 2011

    04 December 2011

    Concert was held at UCSI University, Taman Connaught and auditorium was audience full! In-conjunction with this concert, there was also a mini supporting event called "Get Imaginative with Sungha Jung Sketching Contest". Lists of event sponsors were UCSI University for venue, Lakewood for official guitar, Anuenue for ukulele and AER for amplification. Concert tickets were sold at RM83, RM103 and RM153.

    Sungha Jung LIVE in Kuala Lumpur 2011

  • November 2012
  • Martin Taylor LIVE in Concert Kuala Lumpur 2012

    30 November 2012

    Martin Taylor MBE, a jazz fingerstyle guitarist performing at Tunku Abdul Rahman Auditorium, MATIC Hall, Jalan Ampang. Nevertheless, he was also known as "The Acoustic Guitarist of his Generation". His fingerstyle concert was supported by a flawless opening presentation by our very own local renowed fingerstyle guitarist, AZ Samad. Event supported by Penang Island Jazz Festival, MATIC as official venue, Peerless for official guitar and AER on amplification. Tickets were sold at RM103, RM153 and RM203 and least expected, all tickets were sold-out entirely! Thank You Sir for such a memorable experience putting up a great show!

    Martin Taylor LIVE in Concert Kuala Lumpur 2012

  • November 2009
  • 12 Annual Concert @ PJ Live Arts

    22 November 2009

    Concert Theme: Where Live Music Lives! This concert was based on open registration whereby contestants were required for an audution in-order to participate. There were 3 auditions occasionally and 2 rehearsals were given for practice purposes. Approximately 5 bands, 10 single performers and 5 duets took part overall from all different outlet. Admission Fees were charged at RM10 ( for 12 years and below ) and RM15 ( for 13 years and above ).

    12 Annual Concert @ PJ Live Arts

  • October 2010
  • Lee Guitars & Friends with esteemed partner in Asia, The Guitar Store Malaysia.

    11 October 2010

    Press Conference with Lee Guitars, Jonathan Lee ( founder of Lee Guitars ) held at One Hotel, Bandar Utama. Promoting special appearance from Malaysia local artists/endorsees such as Yuna, Jamie Wilson, Aji and Andy Peterson who were also joined by Penny Tay, ??? and ??? from Taiwan. This press occasionally putting The Guitar Store Malaysia as one of the esteem partners around the SEA region. Thank You Da Ge for the privilege given!!!

    Lee Guitars & Friends with esteemed partner in Asia, The Guitar Store Malaysia.

  • August 2014
  • 17 Annual Concert

    16 August 2014

    Concert Theme: The Journey. Music is a journey through the beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Recently held at the National Museum Auditorium with a total of 15 performers from all outlets performing almost 20 songs. Admission passes were charged at RM30 per head/entry.

    17 Annual Concert

  • July 2013
  • 16 Annual Concert @ KL Pac

    28 July 2013

    Concert Theme: Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is the Temple. Held back successfully on July 2013 by almost 30 students with 20 songs from all respective outlets. Front seating were reserved for early birds as all seating are based on first come first serve basis. Entrance fee were charge per head at RM20.

    16 Annual Concert @ KL Pac

  • July 2012
  • Peavey SR & MI Amplification Seminar

    12 July 2012

    Peavey SR & MI amplification seminar is a joint organization between The Guitar Store Malaysia and Syarikat Instraco. Experiencing and demonstrating the power of Verssaray 112 System led by a special demonstration by Tom Allen from the USA. Adding into that, there were live band performances from local rock and metal bands, Hujan and Massacre Conspiracy. This will also be the official launching on Peavey exclusive partnership in SEA region. This seminar was held for a day at The Mines Wellness Hotel @ beach side and crowd were quite over-whelming throughout the night.

    Peavey SR & MI Amplification Seminar

  • June 2012
  • 15 Annual Concert @ PJ Live Arts

    10 June 2012

    Concert Theme: Contemporary & Classical, The Retreat of Modernism Music. Concert auditions were held in 3 stages, 1st on April 28th, 2nd on May 5th and 3rd was held the day after May 6th. Performers were from all different school outlets and more than 20 performers took part and performed almost 20 songs entirely. Ticketing fee was charged at RM20 per person/entry.

    15 Annual Concert @ PJ Live Arts

  • END