552 The Stage Rental Rates:

Seating quantity : approx 100pax 
Capacity                 : approx 200pax

Type(s) Rate(s)
Commercial Purpose RM500 per day
Sponsorship Purpose RM300 per day

Remarks: Above rates are inclusive of 1 set of drum, 2 electric guitar amps, 1 bass amp, and 1 PA system. 

Technical Charge(s)

Sound Operator A. Rehearsal (8.00am - 12.00am) RM20 per hour

B. Performance/ Event RM50 per hour
Deposit (Refundable)
RM 200 will be charged upon confirmation of reservation and it is refundable one day after the show.
Ticket Handling Charges
Ticket (s) issued or given as complimentary  - RM 3 per ticket.
Ticketing Counter
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