As one of the comprehensive and acclaimed institutions for music studies, The Guitar Store School of Music plays a key role in educating performers, scholars, and music educators who influence music performance and education around the region. The essence of great music school is it's faculty, full-time renown qualified instructors and scholars. In addition, many musicians and scholars come to the school to give master classes and guest lectures. 

The breadth and number of performance opportunities are unparalleled in music study, with the school offering more than 50 showcases and performances a year. The school facilities, located in the heart of Cheras, Taman Segar, comprise a recital hall, more than 10 practice rooms, choral and instrumental rehearsal rooms, and more than 10 studios. The grandest facility is 552 The Stage, which features technical capabilities and warm welcoming performing stage. Nevertheless, the school offers for more than 20 different music courses alongside the supportive examination boards such as ABRSM, Rockshool, Trinity College of London & Trinity Rock & Pop. ( refer to Exam Board on tab above ). For those who are passionate to grow music with us, let your journey begin here! 


Classical Musical Courses      DetailsRate for Cheras/Kepong/

Rate for Desa Sri Hartamas/
Damansara Perdana/Subang/
Puchong/ Kota Kemuning

    PIANOBasics and theory, finger coordination, interpretation, etc.Download
    GUITARTuning technique, solo, ensemble, etc.


    VOCALTechnique, pitch, self-expression, classical pieces, etc.DownloadDownload
    VIOLINSight reading, fingering table, double stop, etc.



Contemporary Music CoursesRate for Cheras/Kepong/Balakong

Rate for Desa Sri Hartamas/
Damansara Perdana/Subang
/ Puchong / Kota Kemuning                    




    BASS GUITAR                           DownloadDownload
    KEYBOARD, FUN & EASY, JAZZ PIANO                                                                                                                   DownloadDownload
    DRUMS & PERCUSSIONDownloadDownload


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School Annual Event 2019


JanuaryABRSM Practical ( June - Aug )
Exam Registration
Rockschool ( Apr - May ) Exam Registration
Trinity ( May - June ) Exam Registration
MarchStudent Recital & Performance
March - AprilABRSM Examination ( Practical / Theory )
Rockshool ( Aug ) Exam Registration
April - MayRockschool Examination
MayABRSM Theory ( Aug )
Exam Registration
Trinity Guildhall Examination
JuneStudents Recital & Performance
June - AugustABRSM Examination ( Practical & Theory )
Rockschool ( Nov / Dec )
Exam Registration
Trinity ( Nov / Dec ) Exam Registration
AugustRockschool Examination
SeptemberStudent Recital & Performance
November - December

Trinity Guildhall Examination
Rockschool Examination
ABRSM Exam Registration ( 2020 )
Student Recital & Performance ( Dec )

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