• Pedaltrain PT3 HardCase

Pedaltrain PT3 HardCase

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Quell Pedal Anarchy With PedaltrainTime to school those unruly pedals?

Pedaltrain 3 is the pro solution that keeps your pedals neatly organized and ergonomically accessible. Pedaltrain is made from welded aluminum alloy tubing, and with no moving parts to loosen or wear out, it'll take all the punishment your tour schedule dishes out. With its open frame and elevated angle, Pedaltrain lets you make secure connections, properly dress your cables, and get to your pedals whenever you need to. What's more, your setups and teardowns will be a breeze. If you've decided to restore law and order to your pedal setup, get Pedaltrain 3. You'll be happier.

Pedaltrain 3 HC 24" Pedalboard Features at a Glance:

A professional solution to your messy-pedal problem
Includes industrial-grade adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fastener
Easily mount power supplies (including Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2)
Includes flight case with wheels, large storage compartment and lockable latches

Restore law and order to your pedal setup with pedaltrain 3!

Length  24"
Depth  16"
Height  3.75"
Weight  4.5 lbs
Powered  No
Manufacturer Part Number PT-3-HC

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