• Pedaltrain Pedal Booster 2

Pedaltrain Pedal Booster 2

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Elevation for Your Pedalboard!

The PT-PB2 Double Pedal-Booster is a pedalboard must-have! Have you ever had your pedalboard all put together only to find that the perfect order keeps some of your shorter pedals from being easily reached; now kicking it on is nothing short of challenging, especially without accidentally turning knobs on other pedals. The Pedaltrain PT-PB2 Double Pedal-Booster elevates the business end of your shorter pedals a full inch, making it easier than ever to stomp. Maximize your pedalboard! Add the Pedaltrain PT-PB2 Double Pedal-Booster and get stomping!

Pedaltrain PT-PB2 Double Pedal-Booster Features at a Glance:

Double-pedal booster
7" x 5.5" x 1"
Folded steel construction
Durable powder coat finish
Can be fastened with included velcro or screws

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