• NUX NSS-5 Solid Studio IR and Power Amp Simulator Pedal

NUX NSS-5 Solid Studio IR and Power Amp Simulator Pedal

Product Code:NUX NSS-5 Solid Studio IR and Power Amp Simulator Pedal
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NUX Solid Studio was created and designed to address: limited gear availability, and the cumbersome transport reality of physical amp/speaker cabinets. NUX is proud to introduce the new Verdugo series Solid Studio IR & Power Amp simulator, a pedal version of the most classic amp/cabinet scenarios including microphones and power amp tubes. Over many years of research, Solid Studio was specifically developed to fill the essential needs of discerning musicians and sound technicians, including the art of mic-ing instrument amplifiers on stage or in the studio. Solid Studio provides ease-of-use, reliability, versatility, and, above all, incredible audio quality. Virtual mic-ing is achieved by choosing 1 cabinet and 1 microphone, and fine-tuning the position of the microphone using the mic position switch.  Plus, you can add the tube sound by engaging the power amp simulation.

  • Speaker Cabinet: 8 | Mic Modes: 8 | Mic Position: 3 | Power Amp Tube: 3
  • Sampling: 88.2kHz/32bit
  • Response: 20Hz~20kHz +/-0.5dB
  • Noise Level: -100dBu A-wtd
  • Latency: 0.7ms
  • Dynamic Range: 100dB
  • Max Level: +18dB Input, -20dB Output
  • Connector: USB Port for software/firmware update, 3rd party IR files
  • Power Source: DC 9V Power Adapter
  • Weight: 428g

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