• Joyo R-16 VOCAL LAB Vocal Reverb Effect Pedal

Joyo R-16 VOCAL LAB Vocal Reverb Effect Pedal

Product Code:Joyo R-16 VOCAL LAB Vocal Reverb Effect Pedal
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The first vocal effector from JOYO, specially designed for singing! VOCAL LAB offers fabulous harmony effects: 9 vocal harmony effects, tonality(24 major or minor diatonic scales)is available, with Maj/Min toggle switch, up to 2 tracks of harmony can be added simultaneously. Besides, VOCAL LAB features independent adjustable vocal reverb effect, independent footswitches for harmony and reverb effects respectively. With 48V Phantom power, it supports several types of mic.


  • The JOYO Advantages: over 14 years of brand history, strong technical teams, many innovative patents, electroacoustic core technology, guide design of music masters, winning the love of global fans, inspiring people's music dreams.
  • 9-position vocal HARMONY, 2 harmonies to the maximum; together with 3-position user-friendly vocal Reverb.12-Key are available, together with Maj / Min toggle switch, precise HARMONY.
  • With 48V phantom power, compatible for various types of Mic. With user-friendly HARMONY and Reverb Foots Switches.
  • Headphones Jack, with AUX IN simple MUTE function, facilitating practice.

    • Tone
    • Inspired by
    • 1.Unison
    • Adjust the MIC Input’s Vocal pitch, and the HARMONY EFFECTS
    • was delayed for a bit, obtaining Unison effect of many people.
    • 2.Low
    • 4th below
    • 3.High
    • 3rd above
    • 4.Low & High
    • 3rd above, a perfect 4th below
    • 5.Lower
    • 6th below
    • 6.Higher
    • a perfect 5th above
    • 7.Lower & Higher
    • 6th below, a perfect 5th above
    • 8.Low & Lower
    • a perfect 4th below, and a 6th below
    • 9.High & Higher
    • 3rd above, and a perfect 5th above
    • Effect type
    • Harmony and Reverb
    • Harmony numbers
    • 9
    • Controls
    • Harmony, Key Select, Reverb, Har.mix, Mic.gain,
    • Footswitch
    • 2
    • Toggle
    • Major/Minor
    • Input Jack
    • 6.35mm
    • Output Jack
    • 6.35mm
    • Instrument Input Impedance
    • 1MΩ / 6.35mm
    • MIC Input Impedance
    • 2.49 KΩ / XLR
    • Headphone Output Impedance
    • 32Ω / 3.5mm
    • MIC Output Impedance
    • 600Ω / XLR
    • AUX IN Impedance
    • 10KΩ / 3.5mm
    • Working Current
    • 500mA
    • Working Voltage
    • DC 9V (Center minus)
    • Signal Bypass Type
    • Bypass
    • LED Mod
    • Sync, Always, Off
    • Battery powered
    • No
    • Phantom power
    • 48V
    • Dimensions
    • 130*110*50mm

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