• AMT FS-2 MiDi Footswitch & Controller

AMT FS-2 MiDi Footswitch & Controller

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Product Code:AMT FS-2 MiDi Footswitch & Controller
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Features overview

FS-2MIDI is designed for the purpose similar to the long-running FS-2, but the new device allows switching channels not only by foot switches but also with help of wide-spread MIDI interface. FS-2MIDI lets you incorporate devices with standard control plugs and virtually any modern MIDI devices into an integrated set where one can switch between all the devices’ presets or channels with just one button.

The display of FS-2MIDI shows all user’s actions and MIDI settings in a simple way. Device operation is easy and intuitive. All the settings are stored in nonvolatile memory. They are restored instantly when you turn the power on.

The front panel of FS-2MIDI has left and right footswitch buttons with indicators and display.


– MIDI IN – MIDI input to receive commands from external devices;

– MIDI OUT – MIDI output;

– CONTROL INPUT – channel status input for AMT pedals which have corresponding output;

– FSW 1&2 OUTPUT – channel switching for devices having control jacks (connection via 3-way cable with 1/4″ stereo jacks);

– IN DC 9-12V – socket for connecting power adapter (9…12VDC 0.12A)

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