• Skysonic T902 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Skysonic T902 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Product Code:Skysonic T902 Acoustic Guitar Pickup
  • RM345.00


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The Skysonic t-902 is our sound hole mounted humbucking pickup featuring a fully adjusting, positional microphone. Volume control over both the humbucker and microphone enable a great balance of the overall tonality of your guitar. Easy or mountable installation with continuous battery life up to 105 hours. - Mini appearance, electromagnetic humbucking design, perfect for any acoustic guitar with a sound hole - Easy installation and removable without hurting the finish, not necessary to drill hole - Padded clip can guard greatly against damaging to your guitar, support external pickup - Endpin with leather to fix its connection, volume and microphone adjustment - Active acoustic guitar pickup includes 3v button battery, supports 105 hours

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