• Skysonic Freestyle FS-1 Wireless Guitar Pickup

Skysonic Freestyle FS-1 Wireless Guitar Pickup

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The Skysonic FS-1, an innovative wireless pickup design from the Skysonic Freestyle range. The ’Freestyle’ series got its name thanks to the effortless, free-flowing experience of using this system during a performance.The pickup’s dual system wireless design takes care of everything, allowing you to concentrate on the flow of your music without distraction or technical worries onstage. Specification:

  • FS-1 is an active dual system pickup with dual pickups of magnetic and microphone. The magnetic force absorbs the vibration of the strings and the microphone absorbs the sound of the guitar.
  • FS-1 wireless pickup: output is large, thick, warm, medium and low frequency.
  • The effective transfer distance of the FS-1 is up to 30 meters,with no loss of quality to tone or expression,it can be 50 meters without any barriers.
  • The guitar pickup can USB charging,free hole installation,high degree of reduction, and plug and play, no delay.
  • True wireless, really convenient: get rid of the bondage of the cable, enjoy it.

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