• Hotone Nano Legacy 15 Mini Cabinet

Hotone Nano Legacy 15 Mini Cabinet

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A Compact Cabinet for Nano Legacy Heads

Get your nanostack up and running with the Hotone Nano Legacy Cabinet. This compact unit is loaded with a custom 4.5" speaker that is designed to provide good bass and high-quality mids and highs. Guitarists know that a full-range speaker cab is a must have in any rig. Usually found in hi-fi systems, the Nano Legacy Cabinet features an inverter tube design that helps assure a full bottom end. An output jack lets you add multiple cabs to create an even larger sound. Grab your Nano amp head and start rocking out with the Hotone Nano Legacy Speaker Cabinet.

Hotone Nano Legacy Speaker Cabinet Features at a Glance:

Compact speaker cabinet for Hotone Nano Legacy Heads
Custom 4.5" speaker assures good bass response
Inverter tube design helps bottom end
Output jack lets you connect multiple cabs together

Configuration1 x 4.5"
Power Handling15W
Impedance8 ohms
Inputs & Outputs1 x 1/4"
Weight3.75 lbs

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