• ENGL Z15 Midi Controller

ENGL Z15 Midi Controller

Product Code:ENGL Z15 Midi Controller
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This flexible amp controller empowers your foot.

The Engl Z-15 MIDI footswitch includes ports for 2 continuous controllers (expression pedals) and 4 additional loops/switches to switch channels. Switches 128 patch changes and 4 controller changes simultaneously. 3-digit display. Housed in a fetching stainless steel chassis.


128 MIDI patches
Selects MIDI channels 1 to 16
Two inputs
Variable transmission rate
Four switch loops


Z-15 MIDI Footcontroller
Power supply: 9 to 13 volts AC or 9 to 15 volts DC, approx. 300 mA
Logic control system
Processor, software: T89C51AC2 with internal 32 K Flash for source code,
integrated 2 K memory (EEPROM) and 10-bit A/D
MIDI interface
Basic channels: Asynchronous date protocol compliant with the MIDI standard, Channel 1 - 16 (0hx - Fhx) in accordance with the MIDI specification

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