Effect Pedal

Effect Pedal

AMT K2 Krank Preamp Pedal

Introducing the next generation of the Legend Amp series of pedals, the LA2 line. Guaranteed to be t..


AMT WH1 Japanese Girl Wah Pedal

A great wah no matter what sound you're looking for.AMT WH-1 is an optical version of a classic "WAH..


Boss AC 3 Acoustic Simulator

Amazing Acoustic Simulator for Electric Guitar!How many times have you been onstage or in the studio..


Boss BC 2


Boss BC 2

Boss BC2 Combo Drive Overdrive Distortion Effects PedalClassic British combo amp tone and beyond! Th..


Boss BD 2W Waza Craft Overdrive Effect Pedal

<br>Classic Grit with a Custom TwistA part of the Waza..


Boss BF 3 Flanger Effect Pedal

BF-3: FlangerBuilding on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS BF-2, the new BF-3 flanger pedal give..


Boss CE 20 Chorus Ensemble

Classic models plus powerful creative potential.The Boss CE-20 Chorus Ensemble Twin Pedal is one of ..


Boss CE 5 Chorus Ensemble Effect Pedal

CE-5: Chorus EnsembleThe CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is BOSS' ultimate compact chorus pedal, covering a wid..


Boss CH 1 Super Chorus

The Essential Chorus PedalThe BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus pedal offers up classic clean and shimmering ch..


Boss CS 3 Compression Sustainer Effect Pedal

CS-3: Compression SustainerThe CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while boos..


Boss DA 2 Adaptive Distortion Effect Pedal

DA-2: Adaptive DistortionPerfect Distortion Tones In Every RegisterPowered by Multi-Dimensional Proc..


Boss DD 3 Digital Delay

Crystal Clear Stereo Digital Delay and Echo!The BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay pedal makes it easy to add a..


Boss DD 7 Digital Delay

Amazing delays from Boss!The DD-7 is the latest incarnation of digital delay pedal from BOSS, who ar..


Boss DS 1 40th Anniversary Effect Pedal (Distortion)

40 Years Later, it's Still a Go-to Distortion PedalCelebrate 40 years of one of the most-played dist..


Boss DS 2 Turbo Distortion

This Effects Pedal Serves Distortion Warm and Mild, or Spicy with a Bite!Turbo Distortion Pedal give..


Boss FBM 1 Fender '59 Bassman

A Must-have Bassman - in a Stompbox!The BOSS FBM-1 offers up classic Fender Bassman tone in one rugg..


Boss FDR 1 Fender Deluxe Reverb

The legendary tone of the 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb in a stompbox. The FDR-1 effects pedal is based ..


Boss FZ 5 Fuzz Pedal

Vintage Fuzz for the Modern Player!The FZ-5 is a modern pedal built for the modern guitarist, but it..


Boss GE 7 Band EQ

7-band Graphic EQ: Fine-tune Your Guitar's Tone or Create Your Own Sound!The GE-7 has seven bands ra..


Boss GT-1 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Flagship Amps and Effects in a Portable PackagePowered by their flagship GT-series engine, BOSS's GT..


Boss ML 2 Metal Core Distortion

The Heaviest BOSS Distortion Ever!With its extreme gain, the ML-2 is the most potent and heavy disto..


Boss MO 2 Multi Overtone

Expand Your Sounds with OvertonesSculpt a new sound for your guitar with the BOSS MO-2 Multi Overton..


Boss MT 2 Metal Zone Distortion

Party Like It's 1989!Fearsome distortion! Super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows like a stack of..


Boss NS 2 Noise Suppressor

Smoother and "More Natural" Than Your Regular Noise Gate!The NS-2 effectively eliminates noise and h..


Boss OC 3 Dual Super Octave

Stellar Octave Effects for Guitarists and Bassists Alike!The BOSS OC-3 Super Octave pedal does more ..


Boss OD 1X Overdrive

The Next Evolution of the OverdriveTaking full advantage of BOSS's Multi-Dimensional Processing, the..


Boss OD 3 Overdrive

The Vintage Sound of a Tube Amp Pushed to its Limits!The rich, fat, dynamic overdrive of this stompb..


Boss PH 3 Phase Shifter Effect Pedal

Tons of Great Phaser Effects from a Compact Stompbox!The BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter pedal puts vintage ..


Boss PS 6 Harmonist Effect Pedal

Intelligent Pitch Effects!When you want 3-voice guitar harmony, you don't need to call up two of you..


Boss RC 3 Loop Station Compact Phrase Recorder

Create Great Loops!Gear up for loop action! The BOSS RC-3 Loop Station pedal gives you three hours o..


Boss RC 30 Phrase Looper

Loop Action for Everyone!The BOSS RC-30 Loop Station is packed with stereo connectivity for everybod..


Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb Effect Pedal

Diverse, Highly Musical Reverb EffectsWe quickly discovered that the BOSS RV-6 is a great way to add..


Boss SD 1W Super Overdrive Waza Craft Special Edition

Classic Overdrive with a Custom Voice ModThe Waza Craft line BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive hot rods thi..


Boss ST 2 Power Stack Effect Pedal

Get Stack-style Fat Crunch!Everyone craves that killer huge-stack crunch. And with the BOSS ST-2 Pow..


Boss TE 2 Tera Echo Effect Pedal

Take Your Delay to a New LevelCreate unique echo and ambiance effects with the BOSS TE-2 Tera Echo p..


Boss TR 2 Tremolo Effect Pedal

Surf's Up! Vintage Tremolo with Modern VariationsWipeout! The TR-2 delivers top quality vintage trem..


Boss TU 3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal with Bypass

The World's Best-selling Stage Tuner — Improved!The TU-3 is more than just a rock-solid, dependable ..


Boss VE 20 Vocal Performer

The Vocalist's Essential Stompbox!Add vocal flair! The BOSS VE-20 is the must-have stompbox for any ..


Dunlop CBM 95 Cry Baby Mini Wah

Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini WahThey said it couldn't be done."Crazy." "Insane." "Unrealistic."These a..


EHX #1 Echo Digital Delay Pedal

A Premium Digital Delay Pedal with Analog-style Warmth!The Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo provides up to t..


EHX Bass Blogger OD/DS

Electroc Harmonix Bass Overdrive Pedal - BIG FUZZ Tones for BASS! The Electro-Harmonix Bass Blogger ..


EHX Big Muff NYC


EHX Big Muff NYC

Stomp on This Classic Pedal for Vintage Fuzzed-Out Tone!Few stompboxes can tap into a legacy as rich..


EHX Big Muff W/Tone Wicker

The Meanest Fuzz Around Just Got MeanerThe Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker takes the most famous fuzz p..


EHX Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effect

Classic tube compression from E-H!E-H's Black Finger employs the same compression techniques as many..


EHX Knockout Attack Equalizer Pedal Guitar Effect

Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack Equalizer PedalWith the Knockout Attack Equalizer, Electro-Harmonix..


EHX Little Big Muff Guitar Effect

EHX Litter Big Muff -Distortion Made Famous By Jimi Hendrix, Santana, And More!The Electro-Harmonix ..


EHX Nano Holy Grail Digital Reverb Guitar Effect

EHX Nano Holygrail Digital ReverbHeavenly Reverb!The Holy Grail Nano is a digital reverb in a compac..


EHX Nano Pocket Metal Muff Guitar Effect

EHX Nano Pocket Metal A small pedal with a ton of firepower!Can powerful metal really fit in your po..


EHX Screaming Bird Treble Booster Guitar Effect

Screaming Bird Treble Booster Guitar Effect Pedal The Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Treble Booster..


EHX Soul Food Guitar Effect

Electro Harmonix Soul FoodTone aficionados kept telling EHX’s Mike Matthews about a pedal that had a..


EHX Steel Leather Bass Guitar Effect

Electroc Harmonix Steel Leather - Gives your playing more punch.Make your sound more dynamic with th..


Hotone Skylin Fury

Nasty, Furious, and... Purple?Buzzy, rude, and nasty, the Hotone Skyline Fury fuzz distortion pedal ..


Hotone Skyline Choir

Warm and Pure Chorus in a Little Blue BoxBased on the legendary Jazz Chorus amplifier, the Hotone Sk..


Hotone Skyline Chunk

This One Is On Fire!Small, red, and ready for crunchy chaos, the Hotone Skyline Chunk distortion ped..


Hotone Skyline Eko

Digital Delay with an Analog SoundIn order to achieve its unique sound, the Hotone Eko digital/analo..


Hotone Skyline Grass

Versatile distortion.The Hotone GRASS Overdrive Stomp box will give your guitar an artistic overdriv..


Hotone Skyline komp

A Tiny Box o' OptoRound and musical, the Hotone Skyline Komp optical compressor pedal is ready to ad..


Hotone Skyline Lift Up

Give Your Guitar a BoostDoes your guitar need more clean gain? The Hotone Skyline Liftup clean boost..


Hotone Skyline Octa

Your Guitar Will Reach a New LowThe Hotone Skyline Octa octave pedal is a strange-looking beast, wit..


Hotone Skyline Trem

Get That Surf Tone!The Hotone Skyline Trem opto tremolo pedal is blue, just like the ocean waves. In..


Hotone Skyline Tuner

A Teeny Tiny TunerWith its diminutive size and LED-illuminated VOLUME knob, the Hotone Skyline Tuner..


Hotone Skyline Verb

Your Guitar Will ShimmerFrom subtle echoes to grand reverberations, the Hotone Skyline Verb digital ..


Hotone Skyline Wally

Hear it Again and AgainBored with your stompboxes? The Hotone Skyline Wally loop station guitar peda..


Hotone Skyline Whip

Heavy, Dirty, and Downright With its black case and aggressive attitude, the Hotone Skyline Whip met..


Ibanez Mini Analog Delay

Controls: Repeat, Delay time and BlendTrue BypassDelay Time: 20ms - 600msPower Supply: External AC a..


Ibanez Mini Super Metal Guitar Pedal

The famous Super Metal distortion made to fit on any pedal board.The mini-pedal market has been boom..


Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

The Most Compact Tube Screamer YetThe often-imitated Tube Screamer sound is back in a compact format..


L.R. Baggs Session Acoustic DI

Perfect Acoustic Tone Is Just a Pedal Away!Because we can't all have personal engineers standing by ..


L.R.Baggs Stadium DI

Studio-Grade Bass DI for the StageOriginally developed by the bass playing engineers at LR Baggs for..


Peavey Ecoustic Footswitch

The perfect companion to the Ecoustic E110 amplifierThe Peavey Ecoustic Series Footcontroller featur..


Strymon Favourite Switch

Favorite switch has been discontinued. Please check out Tap FavoriteWe all have a Favorite.Have a St..


Strymon Lex


Strymon Lex

Born to Revolve.When we decided to create a studio-class pedal that faithfully recreates the classic..


Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal

Double Up on Iconic Overdrive TonesPut the sound of the top six overdrive circuits of all time on yo..


Strymon Tap Favourite

Everyone has a favorite.Want to store a preset of your Favorite settings on your Brigadier, El Capis..


TC Electronic Ditto Looper Sale

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

RM480.00 RM560.00

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Essentially EssentialDitto Looper - 10 things to KnowDitto Looper is the looper you try once and lov..


TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Built On The Shoulder  Of A GiantFlashback is a modern twist on the know-how and legacy of TC E..


TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini

A miniature version of the Hall of Fame reverb jam packed with tone and small enough for any pedalbo..


TC Electronic Mojo Mojo

Overdrive heaven is just a stomp away.The TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal is t..


TC Electronic Nova Delay 1

Uncompromised studio-quality digital effects in a compact floor-based design.The ND-1 Nova Delay rai..


TC Electronic Polytune 2

The evolution of a revolution in tuning from TC Electronic.The original PolyTune rocked the world. I..


TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

Rooted in tradition, aimed at rebellionKick your playing into high gear with Spark Mini Booster, a s..


TC Electronic Vortex Flanger

A Classic Effect with Futuristic Style!Flanging is one of the most classic modulation effects, disco..


Truetone V3 Dual Tap Delay

Two Channels of Incredible Delays!Love delay effects? Then you'll really love Visual Sound's incredi..


Truetone V3 H2O


Truetone V3 H2O

Killer Chorus/Vibrato/Delay PedalThe Truetone V3 Series H2O is a killer redesign of one of the best-..


Truetone V3 Route 66

Compression, Overdrive, and Near-infinite FlexibilityPlug your electric guitar into the Truetone Rou..


Visual Sound Angry Fuzzy

Angry FuzzThe Angry Fuzz is a totally original single pedal effect from Truetone (formerly Visual So..


Visual Sound Liquid Chorus

Looking for the most amazing true stereo Chorus pedal to come along in years? Look no further than t..


Visual Sound V2 Comp 66

Comp 66As a part of its V2 Series of pedals, Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) has re-created its ori..


Visual Sound V2 Double Trouble

The baddest times two!The V2DT Double Trouble Dual Overdrive is Visual Sound's interpretation of the..


Visual Sound V2 H2O

Visual Sound V2 Series V2H2O H2O Chorus and Echo Guitar Effects PedalVery high-quality dual-function..


Visual Sound V2 Open Road

Fat, grinding tone & a less dominant midrange.If you're looking for an open-sounding, amp-like o..


Visual Sound V2 Son of Hyde

Son of Hyde DistortionThe single pedal Son of Hyde from Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) is the exac..


Visual Sound V2 Truetone

Gives you more of your own true tone.The V2 Truetone Clean Boost from Visual Sound is an effect peda..


Visual Sound V2 Vans Warped

Vans Warped Distortion (LE)Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) has partnered with the Warped Tour to cr..


Visual Sound V3 Single Tap Delay

Get Rich, Warm, and Dimensional Delay!The Visual Sound V3 Tap Delay effects pedal gives you a single..


Visual Sound V3 XO

VS-XO Premium Dual OverdriveThe right channel has pronounced mids without being honky. In addition t..


VS Garage Tone Series Drivetrain

Personalize your sound with big boost, straight up, steel string, power drive, and a limitless range..


VS Garage Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal

Personalize your sound with slow-mo, swampy, tweed tremolo, stutter, and a range of other pulsing so..


Zoom B1on Sale

Zoom B1on

RM279.00 RM310.00

Zoom B1on

BASS EFFECTS PEDAL- 75 Bass effects including distortion, dynamics effects, modulation effects as we..


Zoom B1Xon Sale

Zoom B1Xon

RM378.00 RM475.00

Zoom B1Xon

MULTIEFFECT FOR ELECTRIC BASS75 Bass effects including distortion, dynamics effects, modulation effe..


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