• Cadeson Nagashi Compact Kit

Cadeson Nagashi Compact Kit

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The 5x13 matching Nagashi snare is a very lively drum, giving off a crisp, snapping “pop” and a long, prominent ring that sounded best left wide-open and unmuffled. This drum, which comes with die-cast hoops and Remo Ambassador-weight drumheads, really jumps out of a mix when tensioned a half turn or two below the choking point. Funky yet versatile.
The Nagashi drumset, which features all-birch shells, comes with a segmented 22x18 bass drum, a 6x12 rack tom, a 9x14 floor tom, a 5x13 matching snare, and a complete hardware package that includes two flat-base straight cymbal stands, double-braced hi-hat and snare drum stands, a single-chain bass drum pedal, an extra-long tom arm, and a cymbal boom arm that attaches to the tom mount on the bass drum. The entire setup fits within two high-quality zip-up bags (one for the drums and one for the hardware), which is very convenient for getting in and out of the club, pub, or studio in a single trip.

NOTE: Drumset comes without cymbals. Cymbals are sold separately.


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