• Anuenue 900 Soprano Ukulele With Bag

Anuenue 900 Soprano Ukulele With Bag

Product Code:Anuenue 900 Soprano Ukulele With Bag
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HeadstockClassic U900 ukulele, the 900 Bear is making the aNueNue dance move. It uses Gear Tuner for precise tuning.
Fingerboard900 Bear use bear's claw maple inlay. Rosewood for the fingerboard as it transfer sound and vibration efficiently. Rosewood is a hard wood, with open wood pores. It is stable wood to work with, and easy adapt to climate changes. 
Body900 Bear model is in the classic Pineapple body size with singing Ukulele tone. Rabbit uses Solid Mahogany Top for the brighter tone. The brace construction is update for better tone. 
Soundhole & Design900 Bear graphic is laser etched, and design with the U Rabbit Soundhole. It is cute and delicate
BridgeA traditional rosewood bridge is use and helps support the string tension. Synthetic bone is hard and articulate, it help the strings to vibrate and resonance.
WoodSolid mahogany top is stiffer and translates into a fuller and brighter tone. The laminated mahogany as back & sides. It is more durable and flexible.
StringAquila Nylgut strings is made of white Nylgut from Italy. Nylgut is a synthetic material that is intended to combine the best qualities of nylon and gut strings. The strings are easy to play, good for strumming, and have a warm tone. 
Gigbag900 Bear gigbag is design in the Yellow and black combo. Front pocket for storage and the U900 badge at the center. Everywhere you go, you will get the cute attention.

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