• AMT RY-1 Reverberry Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal

AMT RY-1 Reverberry Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal

Brand:AMT Electronics
Product Code:AMT Reverberry Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal
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Introducing the amazingly versitile reverb pedal from AMT Electronics. The unit is designed upon high-quality DSP chip processing (similarly found in expensive studio processors), providing crisp clean pristine reverb that will NOT color your original guitar tone.The Reverberry can provide any type of reverb you might need; from light snappy spring style reverb, to lush cavernous cathedral style reverbs, and everything in between. Designed to work with all types of pickups and amps.Sounds great with both clean AND overdriven distorted guitar signals.


-TYPE button allows the user to choose a lighter more subtle spring type reverb, or a deeper thicker cathedral reverb style.
-LEVEL controls the overall level output of the pedal.
-TIME controls the length of the reverb effect on the input signal, decay time.
-MIX control allows the user to blend the orginal dry signal with the reverb wet signal. A must have feature for getting that perfect mix.


TRUE BYPASS circuitry for no tone coloration when off
DSP powered for the cleanest reverb available
High quality components
Film capacitors
Small and compact size
Operates on 9-12vDC power (-) center negative
Lower power consumption of only 36mA


Input resistance: 1 МОhm
Response: Nom. -10dB (250mV) Max. +4dB (1V)
Output resistance: 1 kОhm
Output level: Max. +8dB (2V)
Power: DC 9V - 12V
Consumed current: 36 mA (at 9V) 30 mА (at 12V)

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