• Almansa 401 Cadete 3/4 Spanish Classical Guitar

Almansa 401 Cadete 3/4 Spanish Classical Guitar

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Almansa 401 Cadete 3/4-Size Classical Guitar Open Pore

When you are looking for a nylon-string classical guitar for younger or smaller players, there is not a great deal of high-quality product available. We do believe that the Almansa 401 Cadete fills the void perfectly.Almansa guitars are built in Spain to a very high quality, and at very reasonable prices. The Cadete is a three-quarter sized model with a solid cedar top. It still produces a hearty tone, thanks to the high-quality tonewoods, but will feel much easier to play for many players.The laminated mahogany back & sides, when paired with mahogany neck, provide you with a warm, punchy sound with lots of projection.The solid cedar top adds some extra low-end and offers a softer attack that's perfect for classical, Flamenco and other finger-picking playing styles.

The 'open pore' finish has some advantages, being cheaper to produce, but also giving the guitar an extra feeling of liveliness and a natural feel that many players will love.If you're a younger player or a musician looking for a small, portable guitar for gigs, travel or study, we highly recommend the Almansa 401 Cadete.

Product features

  • Made In Spain
  • Open Pore Finish
  • 3/4 Sized
  • Solid red cedar top
  • Laminated Mahogany back & sides
  • Mahogany neckIndian rosewood fingerboard
  • Nickel-plated machine heads

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