• Ultimate GS 1000

Ultimate GS 1000

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An Incredibly Easy Way to Store and Protect Your Axe!

Keeping your guitar safe has never been this convenient! When it's time to take the stage or keep your favorite guitar at hand in the studio, you need a stable, reliable stand. Ultimate Support's GS-1000 stand holds your guitar by the headstock, and its self-opening yoke makes putting your guitar on the stand and keeping it safe a one-step operation! Its contact surfaces protect your precious axe's finish. You'll appreciate this stand's adjustable height, which lets you store electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and even banjos. Plus, it folds into a very compact unit!It's the little details that add up to quality. Take, for instance, the GS-1000's patented Leg Locking System. You can easily lock the legs in place when you set the stand up and then unlock them when it's time to tear down. No more worries when you pick up this stand to move it to another place! Case-quality material keeps your guitar's finish safe when it's hanging on the GS-1000 stand. When the self-closing yoke senses weight, it locks down, so your guitar stays safe. When you lift up your guitar, the yoke automatically opens. And how about a handy slot that keeps your guitar picks handy? It's built in. Don't compromise; protect your axe and put your attention where it belongs - on great playing!

Ultimate Support Stands GS-1000 Guitar Stand with Self-locking Yoke Features at a Glance:

Hanging-style security yoke with weight-sensing lock mechanism
Height is adjustable
Quickly folds into a small, easy-to-transport unit
Friendly to your guitar's finish
Patented Leg Locking System

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