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Welcome to our event and product highlights reel and from this very platform, you will be directed to our various categories of hot products, new products, top products and occasionally on upcoming events. Browse over the tags below for a better picture. For any enquiries regarded, please feel free to write to us at info@theguitarstore.com.my and we will attend to your email shortly.

Categories               Brands                   
                                                                     Dealership Product    
Acoustic Guitars   AER  David Laboga   Norman    Roland Tama Mesa Boogie
Classical Guitars   aNueNue Diezel Ohana   Casio Zildjian Marshall
Electric Guitars   Alaska Piks ENGL
Peavey   Boss Sabian K&M
Multiac Guitars   AMT Electronics Farida
Perris   Fender Japan Paiste Elixir
Amplifiers   Andrew White George L's
Peterson Tuners   Fender Squier LP D'addario
Guitar Effects   Aroma  GLab
  Epiphone Seymour Duncan Planet Waves
Pickups   Awe-In-One Godin Rotosound
  Gibson EMG Pickup Korg
Drum & Percussions   Boccherini  Hulala Sadowsky
  Ibanez DiMarzio Yamaha
Bass   Cadeson Jose Ramirez Strymon
  PRS Guitars Fishman Kawai
Ukulele   Cioks Kyser  Trace Elliot   Taylor Guitars AKG Palatino
String Instruments   Cleartone Lakewood Truth Drum
  Martin & Co Shure  
Accessories   Cort
LaPatrie Tycoon
  Takamine Digitech  
    Curt Mangan LR.Baggs Visual Sound
  Ovation Laney  


MR 1-Spot   Pearl Line 6   

Dean Guitars



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Sales //  +603-9133 2822 

School  //  +603-9133 4822

Email: info@theguitarstore.com.my 


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